Ravel is a SDN controller that uses a standard SQL database to represent the network. It seeks to enable rapid innovation of networks through unconventional data management.

This project is supported by the National Science Foundation Award CNS-1909450 and CNS 1657285.


  • Sarasate video: coming soon
  • Ravel video walkthrough is up: [walkthrough]



  • March, 2020: A Case of Knowledge-driven Policy Management: Bringing Discipline to Internet Routing, SOSR 2020 [poster]


  • June, 2019: A Logical Approach to Representing and Reasoning About Interdomain Routing Policies DATALOG 2.0 2019
  • June, 2019: Internet Routing and Non-monotonic Reasoning LPNMR 2019 [paper]
  • April, 2019: Enabling Policy Innovation in Interdomain Routing: A Software-Defined Approach SOSR 2019 [paper] [slide]




Get Started

Download the Ravel VM or install from source from our GitHub repository. Then try the Walkthrough.

Or develop your own applications. Read our Developer Guide and browse through the API.