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ravel.network.EmptyNetProvider Class Reference

A provider for an empty network. More...

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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def buildTopo
 Build a Mininet topology without starting Mininet.
def getNodeByName
 Find a node by its name. More...
def start
 Start the network provider.
def stop
 Stop the network provider.
def cli
 EmptyNetProvider has no CLI, raises warning.
- Public Member Functions inherited from ravel.network.NetworkProvider
def __init__
def cacheNodes
 Cache node-name mapping in memory from database. More...
def addLink
 Add a link to the topology. More...
def removeLink
 Remove a link from the topology. More...
def addSwitch
 Add a new switch to the topology. More...
def removeSwitch
 Remove a switch from the topology. More...
def addHost
 Add a new host to the topology. More...
def removeHost
 Remove a host from the topology. More...
def start
 Start the network provider and any components in the network.
def stop
 Stop the network provider and any components in the network.
def cli
 Pass commands to the network provider's CLI, if it has its own. More...

Detailed Description

A provider for an empty network.

Accepts a Mininet topology and assigns IP and MAC addresses to the nodes without starting Mininet.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def ravel.network.EmptyNetProvider.__init__ (   self,
dba ravel.db.RavelDb instance
topoa Mininet topology

Member Function Documentation

def ravel.network.EmptyNetProvider.getNodeByName (   self,

Find a node by its name.

nodea node name
the node object

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