Ravel Python API Reference
A Database-Defined Network Controller
Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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oCravel.app.AppComponentA component in an application's SQL implementation
oCravel.app.AppConsoleSuperclass for an application's sub-shell
oCravel.app.ApplicationA Ravel application
oCravel.app.SqlObjMatchRegular expression for matching a SQL component within an application's SQL implementation
oCravel.cli.RavelConsoleCommand line interface for Ravel
oCravel.db.RavelDbA representation of Ravel's backend PostgreSQL database
oCravel.env.EnvironmentThe executing environment for the Ravel CLI
oCravel.flow.MatchA match object for an OpenFlow flow modification message
oCravel.flow.SwitchA representation of an OpenFlow switch
oCravel.messaging.ConsumableMessageA consumable message
|oCravel.flow.BarrierMessageAn OpenFlow barrier message
|oCravel.flow.OfMessageA OpenFlow flow modification message
|oCravel.network.AddHostMessageA consumable message for adding a host
|oCravel.network.AddLinkMessageA consumable message for adding a new link
|oCravel.network.AddSwitchMessageA consumable message for adding a switch
|oCravel.network.RemoveHostMessageA consumable message for removing a host
|oCravel.network.RemoveLinkMessageA consumable message for removing a link
|\Cravel.network.RemoveSwitchMessageA consumable message for removing a switch
oCravel.messaging.MessageReceiverA message receiver
|oCravel.messaging.MsgQueueReceiverA message queue-based message receiver
|\Cravel.messaging.RpcReceiverA remote procedure call-based message receiver
oCravel.messaging.MessageSenderA message sender
|oCravel.messaging.MsgQueueSenderA message queue-based message sender
|oCravel.messaging.OvsSenderA message sender using ovs-ofctl to communicate with switches
|\Cravel.messaging.RpcSenderA remote procedure call-based message sender
oCravel.network.NetworkProviderSuperclass for a network provider
|oCravel.network.EmptyNetProviderA provider for an empty network
|\Cravel.network.MininetProviderA Mininet network provider
oCravel.of.OfManagerManange communication with an OpenFlow controller
oCravel.of.PoxInstanceA representation of a Pox process
oCravel.profiling.PerfCounterStore timing information for a single operation
oCravel.profiling.ProfiledExecutionStart a new profiled execution and collect performance counters
oCravel.util.ConfigParametersClass containing parameters parsed from Ravel's configuration file
\Cravel.util.ConnectionTypeA enum for connection protocols between database triggers and the OpenFlow manager